Want to get a smart salaried job in a reputed software company?

If your answer is yes, our “Latest Android App Development with Kotlin & Modern Technologies” course is for you.

In this era of application software, the demand for Android App Developers is huge. All that is required is a willingness to learn and the ability to think creatively.

What can you learn from this course?

-Create beautiful native UI from scratch with XML and Jetpack Compose

-Best practices in modern Android App Development with Jetpack Tools and Compose

-How to use database to store data from Android application

-How to develop cloud apps using Google Firebase

-Opportunity to get familiar with clean architecture and MVVM pattern with Android Jetpack Compose.

Our Course Instructor:

Md. Fakhrul Alam Siddiqui

Software Engineer (Level 2)

Upay, UCB Fintech Company Ltd.

Class Commencement Date: 17 September 2022

Last Date of Registration: 15 September 2022

Registration Link:

Registration Fee: Tk 10,000 (First 20 people will get 50% discount on registration fee only Tk 5000!)

Bkash: 01811458885

(This is a merchant number and participants are advised to make transactions by using payment options.)