Training on Classroom Management for Digital Era

This training initiative addresses key challenges faced by teachers in classroom management, instructional delivery, and learner inclusivity. The first module focuses on equipping teachers with diverse classroom management tools, ensuring effective organization and engagement. The second module introduces 31 innovative methods for starting and concluding lessons, enhancing learning outcomes and class objectives. The third module emphasizes transitioning from teacher-centric to learner-centric classrooms, fostering collaborative and collective learning approaches. Aimed at educators seeking practical strategies, the course aims to enhance teaching skills and create dynamic, inclusive, and impactful learning environments.    

The overarching objective of this training program is to empower participants with comprehensive proficiency in classroom management and instructional delivery. Firstly, participants will adeptly recognize, implement, and demonstrate a diverse range of classroom management techniques and Teaching Like a Champion (TLAC) tools, enabling them to formulate personalized approaches. Secondly, teachers will acquire the skills to demonstrate and selectively apply these methods based on contextual relevance, fostering optimal outcomes. Lastly, the training aims to shift towards a learner-centric classroom, where participants can identify, implement, and design various engaging activities, ultimately enhancing their teaching quality and creating dynamic learning environments.   

কোর্স কারিকুলাম

  • TLAC tools ( teaching like a champion)
  • Context based problem
  • Obstacles of ensure classroom managements
  • Basics of classroom managements

  • Ice Break and set the tone
  • Context
  • Class Wrap up Styles
  • Class Starting way
  • Session wrap up

  • What is Learner Centric Classroom
  • Characteristics/ Elements of LCC
  • Challenges to establishing this in our context
  • Various practice tools for creating a learner-centric classroom
  • Gamification in university level
  • Class materials for teaching
  • Joyful teaching learning
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Pedagogical Enhancement: Participants will elevate their teaching and learning skills, unlearn oppressive mindsets, actively practice diverse classroom management tools, and foster a mindset for teaching innovation.   

Dynamic Classroom Atmosphere: Teachers will enhance their abilities to effectively start and wrap up class content, recognizing the impact of creating a distinct atmosphere. They will also improve engagement, ensuring connection with all students, even those who may become disengaged during the class.   

Innovative Teaching Culture: Participants will gain knowledge of tools to infuse innovation and engagement within the classroom, fostering an enjoyable learning experience. The emphasis on implementing tools for collective learning, team building, and empathy will contribute to the creation of a positive and inclusive classroom culture.    


The training methodologies across all three sessions emphasize an interactive and experiential approach, primarily centered on activities and games. Targeting teachers, early-stage educators, researchers, and school management committee members, the training adopts a flipped classroom model. Participants engage with online content before sessions, where they analyze, evaluate, and collaboratively develop new ideas during interactive activities. Post-training, a one-month mentorship program ensures continuous support and application of acquired knowledge. This dynamic and participant-focused approach aims to enhance the learning experience and effectiveness of the training for diverse education professionals.   

Amir Hamza
Amir Hamza

Assistant Director (Learning and Knowledge management), HRDI & Course Facilitator, Art of Living, Daffodil International University

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Training on Classroom Management for Digital Era

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