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Welcome to The Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI)

Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI), an institution of Daffodil International University (DIU), has been established to position itself as a center for promoting excellence in education, learning & development, and research. This institute is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) which is the regulatory authority for all universities in Bangladesh. HRDI designs courses that supplement subject-skills and helps students, teachers and professionals develop their leadership skills. It also offers short courses, training programs, workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences for students, teachers, job seekers, entrepreneurs and professionals working in various sectors. This includes, but isn’t limited to, academia, the corporate world and retail. We aim to promote collaboration between industry and academia. HRDI also specializes in delivering courses to teachers and potential teachers, with the aim to bring quality teaching strategies in the classroom and at the same time help the students to succeed beyond the classroom.

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Its vision is to improve quality in education at all levels in Bangladesh and to develop human resources for the global market.

Departmental Hierarchy/HRDI Team Members

Originally, the institute was designed to have the Executive Director to lead the organization. Under the Executive Director, Additional Directors/Senior Assistant Directors/Assistant Directors, supporting HR & Admin, Training, Research & Development and Software department would be appointed as and when needed. However, the current composition of the working team is as flow


Our institute aims to develop you in four spheres - personal, professional, technological and social. We keep on arranging events on an international level to train you to keep pace with the ever changing world.

 Every human is born powerful. We believe you've come here on this earth with limitless potentials. It is our responsibility to support you to unleash those unsung potentials dormant inside you. Here I am proudly presenting HRDI for you to get contemporary, customized & appropriate guidance, mentorship, coaching, & training to upskill & reskill your inner talents for tomorrow to create limitless possibilities together, for you and for the country as a whole. 

Our Team

Meet Our Team Members

Tahsina Yasmin

Additional Director

Ejaj-Ur Rahaman

Deputy Director

Samiha Khan

Assistant Director

Obayed Chowdhury

Assistant Director

Amir hamza

Instructor Training and Development

Md AsifUzZaman

Assistant Administrative Officer


Assistant Administrative Officer 

Sayeada Ummal Fatema

Student Associate

Md.fayjul Islam Bappi

Student Associate

Shakhawat Hossain Rifat

Student Associate

Tisha Khandokar

Student Associate

Ahadnan Prodhania

Office Staff

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