Metamorphosis: Rise above your dream


A Transformative Leadership Bootcamp

Program Goal and Opportunity

The goal of this program is to provide each student with relevant experiences that will enable them to learn about leadership skills and how to integrate themselves into the workplace environment and how to abolish mental conflict and adapt with any situation. During each period of the program, students will be receiving a new dimension of transformative learning where they will be ensuring their good mental health through performing different psychological events and they will grow their confidence level consecutively. This program will emphasize the 21st century leadership skill, emotional intelligence, growth mindset and discovering inner you.
For a Students, this program will offer an opportunity to interact with successful people so that they can have that level of growth mindset. On the other hand, they will be provided individual experienced mentors for better feedback on where to improve.

Unique Features

1. Know Thyself (Discover inner you)
2. Find your ikigai (a reason for being)
3. Experience your own best version through transformation
4. Be more, be unstoppable by being resilient
5. Re-engineer 100 billion Neurons to boost power of your brain
6. Learn life skills with better communication
7. Leadership experience through project and mentor ship work
8. Transform your learning mindset & Learn like a Jungle Tiger
9. Be a Happiness Architect
10. Rise above your dream